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Onstage at the
Love Is Respect - Teen Domestic Violence Benifit Concert
Pamela Long, former lead singer of the
certified platinum recording group Total,
has re-emerged after a eleven year hiatus.

Armed with a new sound, but the vocals we fell in love with, you can expect to hear inspirational music that is uplifting,
soulful and message centered. Her strength lies with her willingness to share her life journey and sing freely
Adj. 1. Undeniable - not possible to deny - unquestionable - incapable of being questioned; "unquestionable authority"
Thank you for supporting your girl ....... Love always Pamela Long
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The Undeniable
Pamela Long
" Dare2Dream"
Radio Single 4:15
From the forth coming CD entitled
Pam is back with so much energy,
love this track from the upcoming album -
she is such a lovely person to talk to, got the opportunity to interview? her, really gracious and funny..... a great person to? interview
Miss Pamela did her thing at the o2 indigo and was on point - good to see her back!
lol i was infront of you...
f #!* sick? performance love u? pam
OMFG!! I love? Total's Pamela Long's voice!! she's working the hell out of this? performance too
Pam, I really really really : ) thank you for this "Dare to Dream" journey... OMGoodness, if you only new my strory ! This is inspiration I take with me since my ears heard it ! I began writing lyrics to music I was blessed with and have nearly completed an album goal... then here you come with the "Dare"... my, my, my... THANK YOU : ) !
Love Jackson
Dare... and a long time coming !
Thanks for the inspiration Ladies !
This is what the people NEED ! A helping hand goes a long way and folks need to be believed in and their Direction Ignited !... and this is a Perfect tool ! Isaiah 55:10-11? !
 London I Love You Too..
You Really Made Your
Girl Feel Welcome.
Pamela Long
I Will Be Back.........
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A Way Out Productions
New CD Coming Soon On!
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